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A Guide To The Different Suburbs That Make Up Melbourne, Australia

The city of Melbourne, Australia is a diverse, multicultural city that includes people from various walks of life. Not only does this city have many different types of people, but it also presents with many different suburbs – fifteen to be exact. In these fifteen suburbs, people are able to work in businesses and government organizations, as well as enjoy life in quiet residential areas. This article will provide information on the different suburbs that make up Melbourne, Australia.

1. Carlton

Carlton is one of the livelier suburbs in Melbourne, Australia and it is known for the various Italian eateries along its popular streets. In addition to the active nightlife, it also has several leafy parks surrounded by older buildings with old Victorian architecture.

2. The Docklands

The Docklands is one of the newer suburbs in Melbourne as it was only deemed a suburb in July 2007. This suburb gains its name from its docks being located on the Victoria Harbor lying west of the city of Melbourne. In addition to its waterfront location, the Docklands also presents with 200 hectares of land.

3. East Melbourne

One of the most well-established and affluent areas in the Melbourne municipality is the East Melbourne suburb. This area is home to various parks and iconic landmarks including the historic Parliament Gardens and Treasury. It should be noted that the Parliament Gardens are the landmark that separates this residential suburb from the lively central Melbourne area.

4. Kensington And Flemington

Kensington and Flemington are two smaller regions located in the Melbourne municipality. Kensington is the primary area and is a quiet residential area, while the small neighboring part of Flemington brings affluent entertainment in the form of Melbourne Showgrounds and the Flemington Racecourse.

5. North Melbourne

One of the most dynamic areas in Melbourne, Australia is North Melbourne. This area boasts both residential and commercial locations scattered throughout the suburb making it one of the unique areas to live.

6. Parkville

Well known to be the location of the University of Melbourne, Parkville is one of the most popular areas for student accommodation. While it has several heritage houses that appeal to families, the students keep a bustling campus feel going throughout the year.

While there are several other suburbs located in Melbourne, Australia, these are some of the most popular locations. By using this information, you will be able to find the suburb most suitable to your particular needs.