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We are experienced in all types of commercial concrete . Whether it be large concrete placements, slabs, car parks , steps or retaining walls. We have team equipped to take on all size jobs.

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The Types of Commercial Concrete

There are so many choices when it comes to commercial flooring. Popular types include vinyl and tile, but more often concrete is being chosen. At first, it may seem like the most drab and colorless type of flooring to use to offer a welcoming environment. Once it is given some consideration, it is clear that commercial concrete can offer a sleek, clean and natural look. It is durable, customizable and easy to care for.

The types of concrete flooring available include different stains, polishes, finishes, and grades of strength. Commercial concrete can also be used for walls and walkways. When used in any commercial building the concrete has to stand up to abrasion, foot traffic and it should be slip resistant.

The different applications for their use will determine what finishes, types and grades are best. For restaurants, the concrete may need to be treated so it offers a more decorative flair. Concrete can be colored to match the décor of the restaurant. Retail stores may also require decorative types of commercial concrete including metallic epoxy treated concrete. Concrete can be laid out to create decorative patterns.

Decorative floors for commercial buildings or office may also be coated with terrazzo epoxies. This keeps the floors durable but also adds visual appeal. Highly polished concrete is one of the most popular types of concrete because it can be used on floors or walls and it reflects light so it helps brighten the interior which helps show off inventory.

The grade should be properly chosen for the concrete’s main use. Low grade is good for decorative use while high grade is better for a highly trafficked busy warehouse. No matter what grade or finish or coating is chosen, concrete is incredibly easy to take care of. It usually only requires a regular sweeping and the occasional deep clean.