Domestic Concrete

We complete all types of residential concrete projects. These include house slabs, paving, steps and all forms of decorative concrete.

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Looking At Several Types Of Domestic Concrete

For domestic concrete, this will be the most common option that professional contractors use. This is an excellent choice for large work sites, tight deadlines, and setting up basement builds.

Unless you have a special project going on chances are relatively high that standard ready mix concrete will be perfect for your specific needs.

Volumetric Concrete

This is very similar to standard ready mix concrete in many ways, however this concrete is made on-site and specific needs are adjusted based on the process and how well the pour is going. This is an especially good way to go if there were multiple project requirements that might force a contractor to adjust along the way.

SCC Concrete

Self compacting concrete have chemicals added that allow for a higher than normal flow rate. This means concrete work can be done faster, and provides an excellent level of strength which is why this is often the choice for foundation work, or precast structures.

Decorative Concrete

This type of concrete looks far different than what you expect when you think about this word. Available in a wide array of different textures and color, this is often used as an inexpensive alternative to marble, granite, more expensive stone work. This type of concrete looks good, can be stained into multiple colors, and is ideal for pattern floors, specialty domestic projects, and decorative paving.

Over A Dozen Options Available

While all these cover a large array of the domestic concrete shops that contractors are often called to, this just scratches the surface of the full number of options available. There are over a dozen different types of commonly used domestic concrete, and those are just general choices and do not look at specialty mixes.

The truth is that the guidance of a reliable contractor is invaluable when making the decision on the right type of concrete for your specific job.