If you have a slab or garage slab that needs doing, we have a great crew to take on any project to a very high standard.

House & Garage slabs require formwork and concrete pumps. We organize everything for the job and always work with the owner/manager to ensure that the project is planned and done in time.

Raft Slabs:

These require excavation and sand pads to be packed to a required height. Once we do this, plastic is laid and steel reinforcement is laid. Boxing is a crucial part of any slab as dimensions need to be checked and double check to ensure the slab is as per your drawings!

Garage Slabs :

Garage slabs are typically smaller type jobs and normally require a smooth trowel finish with a helicopter. Getting a smooth finish is what we specialize in and have both a great team of experienced concreters to deliver the job and also the machinery!

Waffle Slabs:

Typically found in new housing developments, these have become increasingly popular and are the go-to for volume builders and a lot of people. They don’t have the strength of conventional rafts slabs but do go down quicker so are a little cheaper!