With an extensive range of colours available out there, a lot of people are redecorating their driveways from the normal grey by bringing life and energy with better and amazing colours.

The idea of one colouring his or her driveway can sound as easy as ABC, this could be true.

But you have to make sure that you’ve done your research very well to nail it.

The best part of colouring your driveway is that you have the freedom to be as creative as you want.

For example, you can play with several colours and colouring techniques to come up with a unique and outstanding colour pattern of your own.

Tips to Help You Pick the Best colour for Your Driveway

A driveway is the first thing people see when they enter your home. You can’t afford to stain it with just any other colour and regret it later.

You’ll find the need to choose the proper design, materials necessary and colour patterns that will blend in with the surroundings and your house too.

The Colours Around Your Home Should be Considered

Here you can consider the colours on the walls, main gate, gutters and roof. But this doesn’t mean that you’re only restricted to the shades of the colours you see around.

What this means is that considering the colours found in your home, makes the driveway look as if it was a natural fit.

For example, if the main colour of your home is grey, a light blue driveway will look glorious.

Think of the Natural Surrounding

For example, if you have a beautiful front garden that has a water fountain or breathtaking sculpture and you don’t mind showing it off to your friends and neighbours, a driveway with that earthy and natural colour will appear magical.

Consider the Environmental Factor

Lighter colours reflect heat whereas darker ones absorb it. Considering the environmental factor will help you know if you’ll use light or dark colours on your driveway.

If you wish to walk barefooted on your driveway, then light colours will play the trick.

A light coloured driveway will be perfect if your home is poorly lit.

On the other hand, dark-coloured driveways will be perfect if you live in a cold area and you want to feel it warm.

But you’ll find the need to maintain the dark driveway at least twice a year because heat damages its surface.

The Wider and Longer makes it Feel Better

Light colours make a driveway appear wider and longer. Dark colours make them appear narrower and shorter.

Let Your Feelings Lead the Way

Before you pick a colour, you opt to have an idea of how you want your visitors to feel once they step in.

Colours can change one’s feelings and mood. For example, driveways with a shade of pink will make one feel relaxed and comfortable.

While light driveways with shades of yellow and orange release an energetic mood, dark for example black ones add a touch of sophistication.

If you are out to achieve a peaceful mood, then green or blue driveways are the best. Red driveways bring out that sense of necessity.

Ideas You Can Borrow For Coloured Driveways

You can use brown, sandy beige and earth tones to create an earth-toned coloured driveway

Make use of creative colouring techniques and a border spectrum of colours to come up with a multi-coloured driveway.

Conclusion: Know Techniques used in colouring Driveways

They include;

  • The water-based stain
  • Concrete paint
  • Antiquing agents and dry-shake hardeners
  • Chemical-based stain
  • Integral admixtures colouring

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